Mens Repairs

We continue to use traditional methods when re-soling shoes with either leather or rubber.   We continue to buy the finest oak tanned leather, some of it still by the ‘bend’ (which means half the skin) and select and cut it to size.   All leather is soaked before application.  This allows it to comply to the shape of the shoe (as created by you wearing it!).  We will apply long or half leather soles which are stitched onto the shoe using a heavy duty outsole stitcher after the old stitches have been picked out by hand.

All stick on soles are rubber (not plastic) which gives better grip and more flexibility on the shoe.  Some customers prefer to have a stick on sole over their leather sole as this preserves the original sole and provides more grip for the wearer.  It’s a matter of preference!

We have a range of heels which includes quarter irons, quarter rubbers, full rubbers and full leather.

Other services include re-welting, re-stitching, replacing back linings and eye-let replacement.

We renovate and restore old leather goods.

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